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Women To Drive From Coimbatore To London Via 24 Countries

Three women on Sunday embarked on a 70-day road trip from Coimbatore to London, to celebrate 70 years of independent India and promote literacy. Coimbatore-based Meenakshi Arvind, Pollachi-based Mookambika Rathinam and Mumbai-based Priya Rajpal will be covering 24 countries during the road trip. Their journey was flagged off by AIADMK MLA SP Velumani.

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Hypercity To Focus On International Food Products

HyperCity Retail, part of the K Raheja Corp Group, plans to maintain a sustained focus on international food products as it expects the segment to account for 10 per cent of its portfolio next year,a company official said. HyperCity Retail has a presence in gourmet foods,besides a supply tie-up with UK-based supermarkets chain.

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Indian Doing Crazy Weights Breaks His Leg. A Million Views In 24 Hours

Are you one of those people who tend to go overboard on 'legs day' at the gym? Then let this video be a warning to you. A fitness enthusiast snapped one of his legs on a leg-press machine. The man seems visibly in pain as he struggles to lift the weights. Just seconds later, his left leg snaps and bends backward from the knee. The video has over a million views in less than a day and over 42,000 shares on Facebook. The video appears to have been recorded in India.

By PC Team/Fitness/NDTV


World's Deepest Hotel Room Is Inside 65 Mn Yr Old Cave In Us

The Grand Canyon Caverns in Arizona, US, provides a suite that is claimed to be the 'the oldest, darkest, deepest, quietest, and largest suite room in the world'. The room, 220 feet below ground, is located in caves that are over 65 million years old. It can accommodate up to six people and features an attached bathroom, among other amenities.

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Ram Charan: Looking Into The Secret To His Fabulous Body

His last outing at the box office, ‘Dhruva,’ was a great success and the actor seems to be enjoying all the acclaim and applause he's garnered for his effort and skill to play the role of an IPS officer Dhruva, in the Telugu remake of the Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan. Dhruva stirred our curiosity ever since the first teaser of the movie was released. The actor underwent rigorous training to do justice to his performance a super cop. The breathtaking stunts and jaw dropping action scenes took everyone by surprise.

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Is Our Fixation On Fitness Getting Dangerous?

As Ireland forges its supersized-way to becoming Europe’s fattest nation by 2030, the need for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week is being justifiably flagged by health professionals far and wide, but what of the dangers of over-exercise?Enter the world of the weekend warrior and the unheralded rise of endurance sports in Ireland. Written of as a fringe, if not looney, preoccupation as recently as the 1990s, endurance sports have since become very much mainstream for the over-30s in particular.

By PC Team/Fitness/Irish Times


5 Easy, Effective Ways To Get Out Of A Fitness Rut

Is your usual workout just not as enjoyable lately? Do you find yourself skipping your training sessions or your (at one time) favourite classes? Falling into a fitness rut can happen to even the most ardent fitness-loving bunnies. And it's going to take more than a motivational fitness meme to get you off the couch and getting that heart rate going on a regular basis. Here is something for you to try to break out of it...Try a workout you think you'll hate, Do the opposite of your current regimen, Invest in new fitness gear, Rework your fave sport's training regimen and Incorporate more cross training

By PC Team/Fitness/CBS


Ethiopia Seriously Seeks American Visitors

Ethiopia, the only African nation to make Lonely Planet’s top ten list, is now getting serious about attracting North American visitors. The Ethiopian Tourism Organization, formed in 2014, has recently inked an agreement with New York-based CornerSun, who will represent and promote the destination to travel trade and media throughout the United States and Canada.

By PC Team/Travel/Travel pulse


Four Holy Cities In Uttar Pradesh To Get 24 Hour Power Supply: Shrikant Sharma

Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and Gorakhpur, four holy cities for Hindus, will get 24-hour power supply, Uttar Pradesh Power Minister Shrikant Sharma said on Saturday. He said, round the clock power would be ensured in order to facilitate scores of pilgrims coming to these districts. Sharma added that his department was committed to providing 24-hour power supply to UP by 2019.

By PC Team/Travel/NDTV


Giant Pandas Get Giant Park In China

China’s Sichuan Province, which is home to most of the nation’s famed Giant Pandas is about to get a massive national park to help protect its panda population. Plans for proposed park, which were recently approved by the central government, say it will encompass nearly 10,500 square miles (27,134 square kilometers) and encompass three provinces: Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

By PC Team/Travel/Travel pulse


Must Try Desserts From The Middle East

Soft spongy cakes, crisp sweet pastries, fragrant creamy custards and much more – the world of Middle Eastern desserts is one that will always manage to bring out the dessert freak in you. 7 favourite recipes from the Mediterranean that you ought to try in your kitchen are Umm Ali,Baklava,Muhallebi, Aish El Saraya,Kunefe,Chebakia,Sahlab.

By PC Team/Food/Sanjeev Kapoor


How Kareena Kapoor Khan Lost 12 Kilos

Kareena Kapoor Khan kept a billion people obsessed with her pregnancy, with fans making copious notes on her maternity style and, of course, feeling indignant when they weren’t consulted on the name of the resulting baby. Kareena, who is as unapologetic as they come, has often said that while she doesn’t mind the adoration, she doesn’t pay heed to the unsolicited advice and does what she wants to do. It's the mantra she's sticking to for her post-partum fitness regimen too. The actress, who is preparing to get in shape for her role in Veere Di Wedding, consulted with dietician Rujuta Diwarekar who laid out a comprehensive fitness plan for the young mother.

By PC Team/Fitness/Elle India


Reasons To Open Your Restaurant Around College Campuses

There can be many reasons for you to open up your next restaurant near a college campus. The main 5 reasons are Diversity of clientele,College students are the chief consumer,Brand recognition & loyalty,Opportunities for increased profits and Growing college population. All of this and more, makes the college campus areas the best to have a foodie place at.

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GratitudeRun - Run for Cops & Soldiers

23 Apr, 2017 Bangalore

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