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Dharamshala International Film Festival Has A Strong Line-Up Of Features And Documentaries

Movies/The Reel Scroll

The sixth Dharamshala International Film Festival will be held in McLeodganj from November 2-5. The line-up this year includes award-winning documentaries such as Kirsten Johnson’s Cameraperson (2016) and Rahul Jain’s Machines (2016). Machines won the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Excellence in Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival this year, and will also be screened at the Mumbai Film Festival.


Paris' Most Controversial Skyscraper Is Getting A €300 Million Makeover Which Will Make It Even Taller

Travel/Lonely Planet

A skyscraper in Paris that caused public uproar when it was completed in 1973 is getting a makeover in an attempt to make it more aesthetically pleasing. A €300 million plans for the tower will not just upgrade the glass exterior but will add plenty of green space to the building as well. What’s more, the designers want to extend the tower’s height by an extra 18 metres, making it the eleventh-highest tower in the European Union.


It's Impossible Not To Feel Inspired By A 74-Year-Old Yoga Instructor


At 74, Janice Lennard is well past the age when most adults, most, but not all, have resigned themselves to a life of inactivity. Despite a recent hip replacement, Lennard still teaches yoga, Pilates, and ballet barre six days a week as she has for the past 13 years. She believes every adult, young or old, needs to become reacquainted with the simple joy and abundant benefits of movement.


Lady Gaga Has Opened Up About Her Fight With Madonna


Lady Gaga has opened up about her fight with Madonna, saying she only wished the singer had spoken to her directly rather than criticising her via media. Gaga has always maintained that Madonna was a huge influence on her music but after critics noticed similarities between “Born This Way” and “Express Yourself,” the ‘Queen of Pop’ dismissed the young star’s music as “reductive”. Opening up about their feud, the singer, in her documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two”, says it bothers her that Madonna w...


India’s North East Region To Be Promoted As A Hub Of Medical Tourism

Travel/Travel News Digest

Unlocking the huge potential and enlarging the developmental scope for the North-East region, the Government of India is furthering its most ambitious project, ‘Look East Policy’ by means of which it is focusing on the overall development of the region for better economic growth. Amongst the many potential sectors on bringing development, health sector in the northeast region can play a major role and can be the most sought-after medical tourism hub in the country and its neighbouring countries.


Oscars: Kyrgyzstan Selects 'Centaur' For Foreign-Language Category

Movies/Hollywood Reporter

Kyrgyzstan has selected Kentavr (Centaur), directed by Aktan Arym Kubat, as its submission for the best foreign-language film race at the Oscars. Set in the mountains outside Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek, the allegorical tale of humans, animals, and nature centers on a horse thief who goes by the nickname Centaur. The film premiered in the Panorama section of the Berlin film festival this past February and won the C.I.C.A.E. Award.


Pilates Effective In Alleviating Chronic Low Back Pain

Fitness/Clinical Pain Advisor

According to an in a study recently published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine Pilates may represent an effective therapy for the management of chronic lower back pain (LBP). It was shown to be associated with improvements in pain intensity, disability and function, deep trunk muscle activation, and kinesiophobia. In recent years, Pilates an exercise program focused on controlled movements has become a highly recommended activity for patients with chronic LBP as it activates and strengthen...


For Men, Fitness Can Often Last A Lifetime

Fitness/The Inquirer

Active middle-aged men are likely to stay active into old age, a new study finds. Men who played sports in mid-life were more likely to be active in old age than those who did other types of physical activity in mid-life. That was especially true of those who played sports for many years, the findings showed. Men who played sports for 25 years or more were nearly five times more likely to be physically active in old age than those who didn't play sports, the study authors said.


Yoga Improves Sleep In People Being Treated For Cancer


People receiving chemotherapy are often plagued by insomnia at night and excessive drowsiness during the day. But a new study in the journal Cancer suggests that yoga can help. Breast cancer patients in the study who practiced at home at least twice a week reported better sleep quality over time, compared to those who practiced less often or not at all. The new research is another piece of evidence, along with now dozens of studies, showing that incorporating a mind-body practice within conventi...


Oscars: Hong Kong Selects ‘Mad World’ For Foreign-Language Category

Movies/Hollywood Reporter

Hong Kong has selected first-time director Wong Chun's Mad World for the foreign-language film category at the 90th Academy Awards. The drama, which explores mental illness and the lack of living space in modern metropolises, was a winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards earlier this year. The film boasts the award-winning performances from veteran actors Elaine Jin and Eric Tsang.


Preeti Dubey Has Been Deputed As The Captain Of The National Women’s Hockey Team

Entrepreneurship/News 18

Running marathons in schools days, Preeti Dubey was picked up for playing hockey and now she has been deputed as the captain of the national women’s hockey side, India A -that tours Australia shortly. As the national junior women’s hockey team was announced on Tuesday, as many as seven players being trained at MP Women’s Hockey Academy Gwalior were part of the side and one of the academy trainees Preeti Dubey was picked up as the skipper.


China Creates A Global Tourism Organisation World Tourism Alliance

Travel/Travel News Digest

China has recently constituted a new international tourism organisation known as the World Tourism Alliance (WTA). World Tourism Alliance will work as UNWTO in propelling global tourism exchange and cooperation at the governmental and non-governmental levels. According to the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), the WTA is the first global comprehensive non-governmental non-profit international tourism organisation initiated by China. WTA is aimed to work towards developing internationa...